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The Garden of Ink & Bones is a monthly podcast about Witchcraft, Powerful Plants & Making Magic.

Rue, of Old Omen and Belle, of Belladonna & Bones are witches who like to get their hands dirty, to them magic is practical, visceral and bound in blood to the soil and bones of their spiritual allies.

Their aim with this podcast is to entice you to get your hands into the dirt and DO the work, MAKE magic, and feel the witchcraft in your bones.

Each month they will talk about a plant ally near and dear to them and invite you along as they work with the plant throughout the next Lunar cycle.

Books will be discussed but not left to gather dust, they'll be put to work by our hosts and they will discuss what it's like to bring these spells and rituals off the page and into your world.

If there is a question you have, a book you'd like to hear about, or a plant you'd like to know how to work with then send and email to 

Sticks & Bones

Ep 8. Six Ways with Bay

Rue & Belle are back with a chat about 6 Ways by Aidan Wachter and a lovely chat about bay laurel!


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Ep.7 Fantastic Fungi & Projection Protection

Rue & Belle debate the usefulness and tone of A Century of Spells by Draja Mikaharic and unpack some of the practical enchantment that lies therein.

Then they tackle an unsung hero when they talk about Rosemary!

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