Interview: Planning is Magic with Ivy (corrected file)

(Sorry about the wrong file in the previous release guys!) In this episode Belle & Rue chat briefly about The Magical Lunation Rite from Circle Thrice and then Belle has a chat with Ivy about Agile Magic, Project planning and much more. Donate to the NSW RFS Donate to the Victorian […]


And we are back! It’s been a long year and this is the start of something new so here’s an update on what’s been happening with Rue & Belle and our plans for Season 2 Of the podcast! Subscribe! Apple Podcasts Subscribe! Android Check out this episode!

Frederick Sandy – medea

Throwing the Bones & Beautiful Belladonna

Subscribe! Apple Podcasts  Subscribe! Android In this months episode we recap on the soothing influence Skullcap has had on our lives this month and just how useful was Jason Miller’s Protection & Reversal Magic? (hint: very. We also kick off an exploration of throwing the Bones  in Bones, Shells & Curios by by Michelle Jackson  Our herb […]

Practical Protection & Soothing Skullcap

Practical Protection & Soothing Skullcap Download here Subscribe! Apple Podcasts  Subscribe! Android In this episode we recap on a month of Mugwort and working with Gemma Gary’s Traditional Witchcraft: a Cornish Book of Ways. Here is Belle’s video on making the Witch’s Ladder with Nettles.   Visit our Instagram to see Rue’s fantastic illustration […]


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