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What an exciting month! We recap on Michelle Jackson’s Bones Shells and Curios and working with Belladonna, then we dive into the fantastic world of Fungi and talk about their place in the world and in magic. our book this month is Katie Gerrad’s Seidr: The gate is open and we talk on the very practical advice this book gives on personal safety and protection.

Our herb of the month is Amanita Muscaria

Amanita Muscaria

AKA Fly Agaric, Redcap Mushroom, Soma, Fly Fungus

Planet: Mercury & Venus

Parts used: Cap, Whole Mushroom

Uses: Transformation, Spirit Communication Astral, Travel, Endurance,

Courage in battle, Fertility.

Books & Videos mentioned in the show;

Toads and Toadstools by Adrian Morgan ,

A field guide to Australian fungi by Bruce Fuhrer



Hamiltons Pharmacopoeia

Paul Stamets: Six ways mushrooms can save the world


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