Making Plant Medicine & Working with Wormwood


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Hello Everyone, we had some major techinical hiccups with this one but thanks to a LOT of hard work by our Editor Wayde, we have a listenable file. The audio is not great but we hope you can forgive the chopiness and we’ll be making sacrifices to the podcast gods (anyone got a saint suggestion here?) for future episodes.

We recap on last month, and then dive into the oft-requested wormwood! Our book of the month is a must have in your herbal library: Making Plant medicine by Richo Cech

Plus we have a very special announcement so tune in!!

Our herb of the month is Artemisia absinthium


Absinthe, Madderwort, Wormot, Old Woman, Green Ginger.

Planet: Mars

Element: Fire

Parts used: Leaves & Flowers

Uses: Flight, Cleansing, Spirit Workings, Un-crossing, Protection, Consecration, Divination.

Medicinal Actions: Stomachic, Anti-inflamatory, Cholagogue


Books & Videos mentioned in the show:

Australian Native Medicinal Plants – EV Lassak, T McCarthy

Malaria Study

encyclopedia psychoactive plants

Dale Pendell Recipe for Absinthe

Witching Herbs – Harold roth

spirytus rektyfikowany


Edited by Wayde Suchodolsky

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