Practical Protection & Soothing Skullcap

Practical Protection & Soothing Skullcap

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In this episode we recap on a month of Mugwort and working with Gemma Gary’s Traditional Witchcraft: a Cornish Book of Ways.

Here is Belle’s video on making the Witch’s Ladder with Nettles.


Visit our Instagram to see Rue’s fantastic illustration of the Witch’s Cross household protection charm & capturing the moon in a knot.


Then we talk about Jason Miller’s Protection & Reversal Magic and this month we decided to focus in on  the Chapter on Personal Protection. Rue & I will be working through these techniques and we hope you will join us!


Our herb of the month is Skullcap


Scuttellaria lateriflora

Mad Dog Weed, Scute, Virginian Skullcap, Madweed, Hoodwort, Helmet Flower, Blue Pimpernell.

Planet: Saturn

Sign: Capricorn

Element: Water

Parts used: Flowers, Leaves, Seeds & Pods

Magical Uses: Trance, Psychic Workings, Oracular Dreams, Fidelity, Money Drawing, Handfasting, Fertility.

Medicinal Actions:  Antispasmodic, nervine, anticonvulsant, anaphrodisiac, astringent, brain tonic, diuretic,  emmenagogue, febrifuge.


Austin Coppock’s Article on Saturn in Capricorn


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